Sunday, 18 June 2017

Hagar’s song

Genesis 21: 8–21

Sarah sent me far away
lest my son usurp her boy
in fortune, rank, or father’s love.

Abraham his wife obeyed,
for peace at home he gave
away his peaceful heart.

God had told him, so he said,
my son would prosper,
Ishmael would grow to be a nation.

Beneath the trees I laid him,
weak with hunger, dying.
Let me go first, I wept, I wept, I wept.

God heard my son cry out,
and spoke to me a promise:
Ishmael will grow to be a nation.

Before my eyes water of life,
I ran to my child, we drank,
we spilled our joy to grow seeds of hope.

I am Hagar, Sarah’s servant,
mother of the first born of Abraham;
God was with my son, grew Ishmael.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

gather them in

haikus for Matt 9:35–10:8

sheep scattered helpless
clouded tempest on green plane
shepherd calms the storm 

ears whisper ready
yellow ocean waves its growth
labour, sent, harvest

Monday, 5 June 2017

When we consider

Psalm 8 : Prayers of confession & assurance of grace

can be used in gathered worship as a responsive prayer

when we consider the works of your creation,
considering ourselves masters of this dominion,
seek to master through domination –
forgive us, please

when we regard the moon and stars and the universe,
see our smallness as unworthiness, or your
regard as crowning glory and stretch our boots –
forgive us, please

when we receive your care, perceive protection
as just deserving, kick those boots into the least
in the heat of our desertion, lose our way –
forgive us, please

when we paste your holy name on placards of our hate,
to vindicate our vain assumptions of our rightness,
soil our rightness bringing blood into the banquet hall –
forgive us, please

and God says in reply,
consider my creation, dancing
dolphins in the ocean, diving
swallows between the clouds, and delight
in my creation: live; be free, and live!

and God says in response,
regard the universe, its planets,
stars and comets, see its vast
and endless beauty and delight
in your place within it: live; be free, and live!

and God says in reply,
receive the care I offer, rest
within my sure embrace, beloved,
made holy under cover of my
holiness: delight, and live; be free, and live!

and God says in response,
I heal your wounds from hatred’s
pasty, fearful, ramparts, clean
the blood away with love, my love;
delight, and live. Be free – and live!


Sunday, 28 May 2017

my peace

John 20:19–23

Peace be with you:
the peace I left you,
my peace, my peace,
I am with you.

Peace from these scarred hands,
peace from that wounded body,
peace, his peace, here
with us.

God has sent me,
now I will send you:
go with the Breath,
on the Wind, in the Spirit.

Peace from these scarred hands,
peace from that wounded body,
peace, his peace, here
with us.

Forgive transgressions,
for Tyrant has no power now;
forgive transgressors,
for Grace will lead them home.

Peace from these scarred hands,
peace from that wounded body,
peace, his peace, here
with us.

Peace be with you.
God has sent you –
be peace, my peace,
with Breath, Wind, Spirit.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

protect them

John 17:1–11

Jesus looked up to heaven,
looked within his breaking heart.

Jesus spoke with words
and with the groaning Spirit.

Jesus spilled sorrowful bubbles,
shed gratitude, bled love.

Jesus named them, called them,
welcomed, taught, and led them.

Jesus took them, gifts of God,
made them gifts for a desperate world.

Jesus gave them, hands trembling,
to eternal care and kin-dom.*

Jesus looked to his Holy Home,
groaning, hoping, breaking.

* ‘kin-dom’ – Bruce Sanguin

Sunday, 14 May 2017

to love

John 14:15–31

to love me is
to keep my teaching,
to ask your teacher,
to trust your helper;
abide, rely, reside
in Spirit and in

we love you, so
we stay with you;
we listen, answer,
we live and catch
you up in Our life:
remain, reveal, abide, in

for instruction I
foreshadowed much,
for mystery is strange
for those who are not ready –
but stay the course and heed
my words, follow them, in

to love me is
to keep my words,
the Holy words of God;
it is to be a home
for God and find in God
your own, eternal,

Sunday, 7 May 2017


John 14:1–14

You will do more,
more than I have done;
you will do more,
through me, if you ask, in love.

You will know more,
know me, know God, know you;
you will know more,
will see that you always knew.

You will be more,
together, a body, an embrace;
you will be more,
with Us, and our Holy grace.

You will come home,
I promise, you know the way;
you will come home,
where you have been, with me, always.