Sunday, 21 January 2018

His voice calls us home

Mark 1:14–28 

Jesus spoke and I listened,
I knew this stranger at
once; Jesus spoke,
and I followed, trust implicit
and strange; Jesus
spoke and I left my home,
was home as I had never
been before; Jesus spoke,
teaching wisdom to open hearts
and ears and minds;
Jesus spoke to the spirits
of disease and they fell
silent, obeyed; Jesus spoke
and amazed all we heard
him, as he spoke, we
listened and followed this stranger
who brought us home.

Monday, 15 January 2018


Psalm 62 

My Soul.
For God.

as storms batter fortress walls in vain,
as enemies try to bring me down and fail.

My Soul.
For God.

trusting the light through a tangled forest,
flickering, small and faithful;
resting beneath an ancient gum as rain
drowns the earth.

My Soul.
For God.

while thieves steal through shade
and towers of riches crumble, fade ...

My Soul.
For God.

a small voice, still voice, spiderweb-thin power
to hold me safe;
love reaches, kindness teaches, hope
carries the day.

My Soul.
For God.

Speak God, to me

1 Samuel 3:1–20

Voice 1.
In the dim half light
I hear a voice
call my name ~ Listen! Listen!

Voice 2.
In the dim half light,
I take a while to
understand ~ Listen! Listen!

V. 1
In the dim half light
I tremble a little,
wanting, not wanting ~ Listen! Listen!

V. 2
In the dim half light
I know what awaits me,
night time at last ~ Listen! Listen!

V. 1
In the dim half light
you meet me, shaking,
small, unsure ~ Listen! Listen!

V. 2
In the dim half light
you greet me, weary,
old, letting go ~ Listen! Listen!

Together / All
In the dim half light
may God meet us,
and may we hear ~ Listen! Listen!

Monday, 1 January 2018

New Year's Day

Prayer-poems for New Year's Day

'When we consider' – responding to Psalm 8 

God says in reply,consider my creation, dancing  
dolphins in the ocean, diving swallows between the clouds, and delight 
in my creation: live; be free, and live!  

'Holy One, Holy Three' – responding to Ecclesiastes 3

There is you, and me, and the infiniteHoly One, Holy Three

There is, in all times and tides and seasons, Holy One, Holy Three

Sunday, 31 December 2017

New Year’s Resolution

Genesis 1:1–5

Beginning, God created,
so beginning again
this New Year’s Day I
create, I play, I dream,
and dance with Wisdom,
hover with Spirit-Breath,
embrace with delight
this life I’ve been given,
this story to write, canvas
to paint, drama to play,
and I will play and I will see
all things as good that God
has made and I will make
a resolution to be good, to be
peace and love and hope
in a world created for hope
and love and peace and I will
begin again this New Year’s
Day, this new year, this
new day and the next day,
creating a life to delight in,
living a story to gladden
my reminiscing, singing a song
to catch you up in, in joy,
in peace, in hope, in love.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Born of love

Galatians 4:4–7

You are a child of God,
you who have the Spirit
beating the rhythm of life
from your heart through
your veins to the earth
from your feet to your
neighbour in your embrace,
you are a child of God, born
of love as all that lives
is born of love and grace.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Before you

Luke 1:26–38

Angels flash light in the dark,
cast shadows, make heartbeats
race, steal breath away,
and life is never the same;
I will not be the same person
I was before you came and breathed
new life through me, flooded new
love through my heart, made me doubt
all I knew before you pulled me,
blinking, into the light.