Sunday, 23 April 2017

Psalm 116

Third Sunday of Easter

What can I give to God
in gratitude for all
that God has done?

God is my healing balm;
our God is merciful.
God hears the heart’s cry;
our God is love and kindness.
God restores my life;
our God is Source of life and love.

I have nothing to compare,
nothing I can give, but I myself,
my trust, my dedication,
my prayer and my attention.
I give you, God, from the depth of me,
my thanks, and praise you with all I am,
which all is only, because of You.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

To Stay

Psalm 114 
Easter Evening

Tremble, Earth – God is near
Tremble, Death – Life is here
Tremble, Sea – Love is risen
Tremble, Sky – Wind is coming

Psalm 16

Second Sunday in Easter 

I choose to follow God
and live a Way of Love;
I find in God the Love
that gives me life to live.

I hear the call of God
beckon me toward what is good;
I find in God all goodness,
and always have enough.

I trust the teaching of God,
trust Wisdom, the prophets, psalms;
the psalms give voice to all my prayers,
and Wisdom’s voice is ever near.

I discern from God in prayer
and learning, a path to walk;
I walk that path rejoicing
with God, whose presence is my joy.

Friday, 14 April 2017

love and aloes : Holy Saturday

John 19:38–42

myrrh and aloes
dead of night
city edge
smell of death
climb the hill of skulls
climb the cross to touch his death

sticky red-brown stained skin
last warmth escaping open wounds

free his hands forever marked
wipe his head forever scarred

lift him

wrap him

carry him to the garden
of tombs and grieving
bury him in a cave
with hopes and dreaming

leave him
by the smell of death and myrrh
leave him
anointed with love and aloes
this dark night of death

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

to the end of love : Maundy Thursday

John 13:1–17

Oh but how I love them,
and I will love them
to the end, and back again
to new beginnings.

They make me laugh,
with ‘not my feet – you
cannot stoop so low
my Lord,’ then ‘Oh, I see,
wash all of me! Tip
it all right over my head!’

They make me cry,
not all of you are here
with all your heart
and understanding, I know
who will leave the path,
the group, our family.

But I’ll love them all,
flaws and jewels and love
them through it all
so fiercely that all my love
will change their love
to a stooping low before
each other as I have done,
to wash, to serve, to love.

Oh, how I love them –
God will they love them,
the ‘all’ we would have
them welcome in, love
them with me until the end?

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

beloved : Wednesday, Holy Week

John 13:21–35

next to his heart
I was the one to ask,
though my heart beat
quickened with not
wanting to know: who
is it, Lord? which one
of us will turn from you
in betrayal, who is it?
don’t tell me, please,
and perhaps it will
not be. he simply took
some bread, dipped
the bread, and gave
the bread to Judas.
do it quickly, Judas.
though no one else had any clue
what it was he was about
to do. he took the bread,
but left it there, uneaten,
got up and left in

next to his heart,
I fell apart inside:
something had shattered,
noiselessly between us all.
I will go soon, too, and you
will look – but can not
follow – not there, but here
you must follow these words,
please, hear them now
again. Love one another –
I love you, and you, too,
will be known by love –
look at me – please love
each other as I do.

and he looked at the door
which was left ajar,
and we kept silence
for a long while

Monday, 10 April 2017

‘We wish to see Jesus’ : Tuesday, Holy Week

John 12:20–26

Then look, closely: don’t look
away. The hour has come
for me to fall like wheat,
to die, to lie in the earth.
The time is here for planting,
for waiting, for waiting, for not
knowing why or how or when.
You wish to see, you wish to be
with me, then let go of this life
you know, let go, to go
with me into the dark unknowing,
for such growing into the heart
of Life itself, the heart of Love:
your God demands you open wide.