Sunday, 24 September 2017

We will listen

a call to worship or opening prayer

Exodus 17:1–7

What patience to endure
the squabbles of your people;
what humility, to take
our doubts and disbelief.
What faithfulness you show,
through desert thirst and fear;
what miracles inspired by you,
the very, precious, gift of life.
What wisdom we hear from you,
if we will listen – we are here to listen.

Sunday, 17 September 2017


Matthew 20:1–16

Forgive us when we view your love
as a pie with finite substance.

Forgive us when we will not share
our love for fear of losing out.

Forgive us when we begrudge another
their joy, their fortune, their love.

Forgives us, God, for placing limits
on what is not ours to bestow.

Hear God say, ‘I am generous;
I will give you all the same.’
So take that love and see the face
of God in all to whom God gives.


Sunday, 10 September 2017

I am weak / help me to love

Romans 14:1–12

I am weak, God,
help me to love.

I see weakness in others
and despise it, for it reminds me
of weakness within.

I am weak, God,
help me to love.

I see difference in others
and reject it, for it unsettles me,
makes me feel unsure.

I am weak, God,
help me to love.

I judge others, condemn,
revile, for I cannot bear to think
that it is I who may be wrong.

I am weak, God,
help me to love.

I live for myself, and do not live
at all, for I cannot trust in life
and death in Jesus the Christ.

I am weak, God,
help me to love.

I kneel before you, God my judge,
for I have not walked your way
of love, and I am sorry.

I am weak, God,
help me to love.


As you bow, as you confess,
God runs forward, arms outstretched.
You have turned, returned again:
fall into those wide-flung arms,
accept Divine embrace, for you are loved,
you are forgiven, you shall have life!


Sunday, 3 September 2017

Nothing but love: a blessing

Romans 13:8–10

Go into the world with no debt but love,
for love will not harm, will do no wrong
to your neighbour.
Go into the world with no law but love,
and you will keep God’s commandments
of love and honour.
Go into the world with no prayer but love,
and God will be with you, Christ
will be in you, Spirit will be around you.


Sunday, 27 August 2017

A statement of hope

Romans 12:9–21

May our love be genuine,
releasing hatred and fear and evil,
steadfast and true to all that is good.

May our love be mutual, affectionate;
may we honour one another, respect
one another, ardent in the Spirit of God.

May our love be honest,
rejoicing in hope, enduring suffering,
persevering in prayer always.

May our love be generous:
may we give, may we share,
may we welcome strangers and friends.

May our love be courageous,
resisting revenge, offering blessing,
rejoicing, weeping, seeking harmony.

May our love be humble;
may we stand beside the lowly,
take the lowest seat for ourselves.

May our love be forgiving;
may we feed our enemies,
give them drink to quench their thirst.

May our love be genuine,
empty of hate and fear and evil,
overflowing all that is holy and good.


Sunday, 20 August 2017

Liturgy of Mutual Affection

Romans 12:1–21

we are many, we are one
we are different, we are one
we are beloved, we are one
we are given, we are one
we are members, we are one
we are transformed, we are one.

one love to share,
one dignity, one honour,
one zeal in serving God,
one hope, one suffering, one prayer;
one need, yours is mine,
one blessing – do not curse.
one joy, together,
one mourning, harmony.
one presence, one humility,
one peace, one noble, grace-filled peace.
one table, all are welcome,
one welcome, one good way of love.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

How deep, how unknown!

Romans 11:33–36

Oh how deep the riches,
how deep the wisdom,
deep the knowledge of God the Holy One!

How we search for understanding,
how we strive for insight;
how little our knowledge of God.

Who can know the mind of God?
Who give God advice and guidance?
Who gives to God anything at all,
in order to receive the gifts God gives to all?

From God are all things.
Through God are all things.
To God are all things;
Holy One, Source of life.

Glory – silver shimmering clouds
and golden beaming stars and sun –
belongs to God alone, now and ever more.